To Palermo with Love



Whether it’s an exclusive wedding, an intimate event or a destination engagement, our photographic approach changes.

We like to talk about the souls in front of us. We like to savor the intensity, the emotion, the elegance in small movements.


Mike and Gianna come from the United States, and a few months ago, Mike finally decided to give a wonderful ring to his splendid Gianna, and how could he not celebrate this unique event, if not with a Destination Engagement in Sicily, in the fascinating Palermo.


Timeless city, among enchanting buildings, historic churches, and the art that perfumes every little alley of the city.

Enchanted by the warm, full light that warms the city, Mike and Gianna decided to let themselves be told in this place. Wrapped in rays of light, people and the eternal beauty of this place, just like their love.





Photographers: Alberto CosenzaBeatrice Sirni 


Via Cristoforo Florena,21 98077 Santo Stefano di Camastra ME
TEL: 328 017 1950


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